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Stay Sharp High Performance Squeegees
Gives You The Edge in Superior Imaging®

Technical Information

Laser Inspection

Stay-Sharp printing edge – Produced by surgical knives resulting in Excellent print quality and accuracy

High resistance to abrasion, a feature of high grade polyurethane resulting in Longer useful life

Cross linking reduces absorption and swelling from chemicals commonly found in inks resulting in Longer life

Easy to sharpen using available tools resulting in a longer useful life and Improved cost performance ratio


Zatec uses high grade urethane polymers from major urethane suppliers based in the United States. We pride ourselves on our batch to batch consistency.  Zatec would never consider producing an inferior squeegee. We believe substituting poor grade materials in the manufacturing process will give a lower cost product but it will be more costly in the long term with rejected prints, increased set up times and lack of print consistancy.

We have a highly skilled work force with many years of experience.


We have industry leading tight manufacturing tolerances. Squeegees are graded in Hardness (Shore Durometer). We manufacture in 6° (Degree) bands, while many of our competitors manufacture in 10° bands. This ensures exactly the right grade of Stay-Sharp squeegee can be selected.

Our production tolerances are:   +/- 3º Shore A.

Some manufacturers can only manage +/- 5º Shore A, and some vary as much as +/- 7.5º Shore A. This could mean a variation by as much as 15° Shore A for a batch of supposedly identical squeegee. Such extreme variation can result in print quality issues especially if the user sets up for the lower hardness then receives a batch of high hardness squeegees.


Every sheet of urethane we manufacture is tested to ensure that it meets the intended physical properties required to produce a quality product.