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High Performance Urethane Sheeting

Zatec provides an extensive line of high performance urethane sheeting for use in a multitude of applications. Our in-house engineering capabilities allow us to work with customers within various industries to meet specific flat sheet project specifications.

Urethane Sheets


  • Sheets are solvent and abrasion resistant and usually last significantly longer than other materials such as traditional rubbers and plastics
  • Offer a high level of impact resistance
  • Resist cracking under repetitive flexing
  • Can be easily machined using standard equipment such as drills and saws
  • Inherent elastic memory
  • Provide excellent sound reduction capabilities
  • Offer short run prototypes for field testing

Zatec manufactures with precise tolerances, within +/- .010".

Zatec’s standard line of sheeting is 21 1/2" x100+". Thickness ranges from .0625" to .400".

*Please contact us with your specific project requirements. We will provide you with quick pricing and delivery information. Low minimums are available.